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Underfloor heating services in Brixworth

Providing all aspects of underfloor heating installation services throughout Brixworth

At Home Plumbing and Electrical, our team have been providing the highest quality underfloor heating installations to the properties throughout Northampton for 30 years. Our engineers are all Gas Safe Registered, Napit Registered for self certification, which ensures all services we provide are of the best possible standard. Our team have both extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the trade.


Installing underfloor heating is an effective, discreet method of heating and maintaining warm temperatures in the desired rooms within your home. At Home Plumbing and Electrical, we can install underfloor heating in any room of your home, however, this is often popularly used for kitchen areas and bathrooms.


There are many reasons why people may opt to have underfloor heating installed in the rooms of their home.

Wet underfloor heating systems work at a reduced water temperature (up to 50%) compared to conventional radiator systems reducing energy bills.

Bathrooms, kitchens and hallways are often laid with tiled or wooden flooring, which can be unpleasant when walking in barefoot. Underfloor heating will, therefore, heat the flooring, allowing a much more pleasant ground, whilst also heating the room and maintaining a warm temperature.


There are two main types of underfloor heating to choose from, and both have their own benefits and qualities. The first is electric underfloor heating, which is done using electrical wires on insulation sheets which are laid below your floor. Electrical underfloor heating is the simplest and lowest priced type to install however may cost more to run. Due to slightly higher running costs, we advise our customers that electric underfloor heating is best suited for smaller rooms. Water-based systems, on the other hand, are cheaper to run and best suited to larger rooms and areas. Water underfloor heating systems involve laying water pipes below your flooring. With all underfloor heating, we offer in-depth information about the options regarding underfloor heating types, which will allow you to come to the conclusion of which type is best suited to your household needs.


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